Delmas Whittaker

Delmas Whittaker


Current Position:  Director, Marine Maintenance, Maritime Division

Marine Maintenance provides service and maintenance, maintains, and improves facilities and equipment at all Port-owned properties from Shilshole Bay Marina to Duwamish Waterway. The department is made up of approximately 150 personnel, with twelve different crafts. Their work includes rolling stock, machine shop work, carpentry, janitorial, electrical, rail & switch maintenance, construction labor, landscaping, welding and fabrication, painting, plumbing & irrigation, sheet metal work, signage, fire protection, driving & hauling, lock shop and Stormwater Utility. Currently serving as Maritime Division Representative for Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts.

Professional Accomplishment: For nearly ten years, I served as the Logistics Manager for Aviation Maintenance at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  I oversaw the Aviation Maintenance Distribution Center; I was actively involved in the final design, construction and opening of our newest 50 square foot warehouse.  Additionally, my team and I managed over 32 satellite storerooms containing over 6.5 million dollars for parts and materials.  Additionally, I served as the Small Works Manager, as well.  Managing nearly 100 on-call projects annual (including Landscaping Contracts for SEA).  Prior to this role, I served as Senior Manager, Fishing and Commercial Services. Responsible for maritime operations and facilities management of Fishermen’s Terminal, Salmon Bay Marina, and Maritime Industrial Center.

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