Fireside Chat – Accidentally Trending: Managing Reputational Risk

05 Mar 2023
3:00 pm-3:30 pm
Seaview Lobby (behind Lobby fireplace)

Fireside Chat – Accidentally Trending: Managing Reputational Risk

Crises happen. Sometimes we can see it coming and other times we are caught off guard. As event professionals we obsess over details and yet too often fail to plan for the unthinkable. Social media and reputation management are key competencies for planners, venues and entire destinations. The success of futures events- and potentially your entire business- will be determined by the effectiveness of your crisis response. From rogue speakers to misinformation, how do you insulate your event/destination reputation during a crisis? Where are the risks you should monitor? How do you communicate risks and information? What are the roles of an event planner, hotelier, attendee? Have you considered guests with diverse abilities? This eye opening session will help you plan for the worst.

Learning Objectives:

  • Tales from the frontline: It happened to them
  • Identify a brewing crisis before its trending
  • Roles: who does what (staff, clients, venues)
  • Communication complication: how do you communicate risk and to whom
  • Strategies: to manage your event/company brand