Disaster Proof Your Event

07 Mar 2023
9:00 am-10:00 am
San Juan 2

Disaster Proof Your Event

This hands-on interactive session will begin with an overview of the top hazards and risks in Oregon and Washington States. We will then begin a scenario-based exercise to practice analyzing risks, evaluate what requires immediate action, and what is a distraction. What business continuity strategies can be applied to your events? Where will you go for credible information? How do you create critical incident protocols and effective social media responses? This session will help you be #preparednotscared

Learning Objectives:

  • What is emergency readiness and why it matters to meetings & events
  • Who is (really) responsible?
  • WA and OR hazards, risks and expected actions
  • Natural disasters and critical incidents (including cyber threats and terrorism)
  • Scenario-based planning and business continuity strategies
  • Be ready: how to create critical incident protocols
  • Key components of an Emergency Action Plan
  • Where to go for help? (Additional resources)